Canal Lining has done using Lining material and being protected using Geocell and Concrete as infill.


Sand Filling into geo bag and Stitching, placement for shore protection.

Geomembrane lining material being joined using an automatic welding machine to make it leak proof.

National Highway being paved using Geocell to increase CBR

Retaining Structures using Geocell & Geogrids to prevent Landslides and erosion.

Waterproofing material GCL being used for the basement at the time of constructing apartment towers.

Above the surface, Geogrid is laid and then Geocell is spread and the panels are joined subsequently locally available infill material used for an unpaved road.

Geocell Installed above Geotextile and the infill material being Installed for Reservoir application.

Geomembrane, Geotextiles, Rondelles being used for Tunnel application.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) laid on a Hazardous Waste Disposal Capping site and Geomembrane being moved using hydraulic Crane ti Install above GCL.

Stapling of Geocell for increasing the Embankment height.

Concrete blocks being Installed above the lining material for Thermal Power Project to prevent punctures from HDPE Geomembrane Liners

Drilling is done on HDPE pipes using the machine for the purpose of the Leachate Collection.

Geomembrane being unrolled by our technicians for a landfill capping (containment) application prior to joining the material.

Geotubes Status of the project were installed as a T Joint to reduce high tide waves.

Lining material Installed to create an artificial water storage pond for a Golf Course.

The lining material is being Installed vertically on HDPE Concrete Profile and also on the surface area to prevent groundwater pollution.

Rainwater Storage Pond being constructed using lining material.


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