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Geotextile tubes for Erosion Control

Our organization is engaged in offering a comprehensive array of Geotextile tubes-Techno Tube. We use unique quality high strength PP to manufacture this range in compliance with international standards. These are available in various sizes, depending on the availability of space and volume requirements of clients. We offer these products at highly competitive rates and deliver the orders on time.

Geotextile tube is woven geotextiles made from high strength & high modulus Polyester and is used as an integral component in the design and construction of a variety of marine and hydraulic engineering structures such as breakwaters, levies, and marine spoil-containment structures and also used for Dewatering of high moisture content sludge & sediment. They are available in many sizes, depending upon volume & space requirements.

Geotextile tubes can be mounted in mobile roll-off containers that can be transported easily to site location, which is one most versatile & cost-effective. Geotextile tubes sizes are available as per the end-use application or as per project requirements.

Geotextile tube Advantages:

  • High strength & High modulus.

  • Resist to UV, Acids & Alkalis and biodegradation.

  • Good filtrations as the pore size are small.

  • Good abrasive resistance.

  • Good puncture resistance.

  • Affordable Price with easy installation.

  • Easy in transportation.

  • Environmentally smart: reduces carbon footprint.

  • Creates habitat zones, minimizes site disturbance.

  • Long-term durability and performance.

  • High flow rate allows residual materials to dewater, whilst containing solids

  • Low cost & high-volume dewatering solution

  • Available in various sizes to fit specific applications.

Geotextile tube Applications:

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants

  • Marine remediation

  • Mining & mineral processing

  • Pulp & paper

  • Small industrial effluent treatment

  • Agriculture including the dairy industry

  • Aquaculture

  • Revetments

  • Breakwaters

  • Offshore Structures

  • Environmental Dredging

  • Industrial Wastewater Processing.


 Screened material, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment sludge, animal waste, paper mill sludge, fly ash, mineral waste.


Surface Drainage:

 Airports, highways, oil spills, agricultural operations


Structural Erosion Prevention:

 Berms, beaches, rivers, swamps, silt retainers



 Fine-grained screened material, contaminated screened material, sealing of the contaminated material

As mentioned above, there are many uses of geotextile tubes and the usage areas of geotextile tubes are increased due to the increase in technical characteristics. Geotextile tube has field applications to prevent structural erosion.

LRK Geotech had provided many types of effective and state of the art geotextile tubes and other geosynthetics to over 50+ countries. Our main customers are from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mongolia, Australia, France, Mexico, etc.

LRK Geotech is not only manufacturing the best quality geotextile tube products but also providing professional design and installation services. OEM, ODM, custom development and fabrication are also available. If you have any questions or inquiries,  please fill and submit the following form, we will reply as soon as possible. Apply for Free Sample Now!

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