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Geonet Drainage Liner

We are engaged in supplying a wide range of drainage geonets that are used for the in-plane drainage capacity. These geonets have reasonable tensile strength and are used extensively in drainage applications. Geonets are generally offered in various technical specifications. Hence, these are frequently manufactured as a multifaceted.


Geonets are comparable to grid materials and can be applied under geogrids. Its use here provides this feature, although it is not intended to isolate the area. Where geogrids are used as reinforcement, geonets are used to provide planar drainage. In this case, Geonets do not mean that they are frail and uneven materials, although they are not used for reinforcement purposes.

Although they have a certain strength, they are generally used for drainage purposes. Using geonets, geomembrane or other material on the top or bottom of the material, they enter the ground’s voids and prevent the material from losing its drainage property. Therefore, they are used in the preparation of composite materials.

Usage areas;

  • In sub-drainage systems under soil fillings,

  • Drain covers under surcharges.

  • For water drainage behind retaining walls,

  • For water drainage on frost-sensitive floors,

  • For water drainage under building foundations,

  • For the drainage of water leaking from the rocky slopes,

  • For water drainage under the sports fields,

  • For the drainage of dirty water under the motorways.

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