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High-Density Polyethylene Geomembrane Liners​

We offer a wide range of liner HDPE geomembrane that is manufactured using quality raw material. These liner geomembranes are suitable for all types of liquid containment solutions ranging for water pollutants, Road construction, highways, and highway embankments. 

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane liners are used in a wide range of applications. They are durable, cost-effective and one of the most preferred products for lining projects which require low permeability, chemical, ultraviolet resistance and aging resistance from the intense stresses of weather.

The popularity of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is primarily due to its low initial material cost and excellent chemical resistance. This allows thicker sections to be used compared to other geomembrane materials. A thick, durable, HDPE liner can be placed in exposed applications where the cost of other materials may be prohibitive. HDPE has excellent chemical resistance, which is often the driving force behind its selection. HDPE is a field assembled lining material that cannot be practically fabricated in the shop. All HDPE projects, regardless of size, must be installed by trained installers. HDPE is a versatile material that is used widely across all applications. One of the primaries uses of HDPE is to line the base of landfills, where its chemical resistance is put to use. HDPE can also be used in a multitude of secondary containments, pond linings, and water containment projects. HDPE is best used as an exposed lining material and has the UV resistance required for many years of outstanding service.

HDPE geomembranes surfaces are made in smooth and textured surfaces. They come in combinations of smooth/smooth, smooth/textured and textured/textured surfaces. The surface for use is vastly dependent on the application and the requirement. Textured finishes provide higher friction angles to prevent slippage of adjacent materials when lining steep slopes. This product is used in applications that require increased frictional resistance, excellent chemical resistance and endurance properties.

They are widely used in Tank Liners, Aquaculture, Mining, Water and Solid Waste Management, Fluid Conveyance and Containment, Ash Ponds, Soil Protection and Stabilization, Land Fill Closures, Ponds and Reservoirs, Irrigation Canals, Waste Containment, and many other applications.


  • Resistance to Ultraviolet (UV)

  • High tensile strength

  • Longer service life standards

  • Supplied in wide rolls

  • Good chemical resistance

  • White surface available by special order

  • Conductive layer available by special order


  • Excellent long term exposed lining material

  • Landfill liners

  • Heap leach and mine ponds

  • All water containment applications

LRK Geotech had provided many types of effective and state of the art geomembrane and other geosynthetics to over 50+ countries. Our main customers are from India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mongolia, Australia, France, Mexico, etc.

LRK Geotech is not only manufacturing the best quality geomembrane products but also providing professional design and installation services. OEM, ODM, custom development and fabrication are also available. If you have any questions or inquiries,  please fill and submit the following form, we will reply as soon as possible. Apply for Free Sample Now!

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