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Geocells for Soil Stabilizations

We bring forth for our clients, Geo-Cell that form composite entities of confinement systems once infilled with compacted soil due to cell-soil interactions. Our products are used for slope protection, road & rail load support and earth retention applications. Further, these are available at most competitive prices.

Drain cell is high strength and lightweight linked drainage cell that is particularly intended for waterproofing and sub-surface drainage membrane defense. Drain cell is easy interlocked in the same plane and can be fixed at the right angle also. The exposed surface design and tall internal void volume allow the fast capture and conveyance of high-water capacities. The Cups intended in the Flexo drain can stock slight water. Extensively used in roof gardens, retaining walls and planter boxes, our stock of drain cells is available in different heights.

Widely used in roof gardens, planter boxes and retaining walls, deeds basement tops, pond filtration our huge stock of Drain Cells are suitable in building & construction industries for landscaping.

Applications like a planter, terrace gardens, and podium systems, landscape decks, basement retaining walls, sports fields, pond filtration systems, Agri-Horti usages, etc.


  • Can be easily installed by interlocking

  • High water volumes can be captured and transported

  • Designed with open surface and high internal void volume

  • Lightweight

  • Creates thermal insulation and protective layer over a waterproofing membrane 

  • High strength

  • Ensure a protection layer over waterproofing membranes

  • Creates a thermal insulation barrier

Provided Drain Cell is used for many applications like a terrace garden, civil work, field drainage, retaining walls and podiums. It is used for increasing the permeability or grounds areas, which reduces overland flow and facilitates groundwater recharge. Offered cells are made of recycled polypropylene or plastic structure that interlocks each other. This Drain Cell creates a reinforcement structure which is widely used for grass parking lots and access roads without worrying about destroying the vegetation or getting stuck. 

We deal in superior quality Drainage Cells which are available in perfect shape and dimensions. They are considered the best solution for subsoil drainage applications for creating roof gardens and many other things. They also help in removing excess water and promote plant growth. The offered products are easy to install, control waterlogged, reduce water pollutants, have long durability and many more. They are perfectly designed for our valued clients. Drainage Cells usually used for various purposes such as building, landscaping and constructing industries.

Our offered Drainage Cell is a perfect solution for sub-soil drainage applications for creating a successful roof garden, without any traditional problems related to cracking and leakage. Our provided cells are used for the greening of roofs, subway tunnels or help in removing excess water and promote plant growth. This Drainage Cell is known for its unique features like controls waterlogging, easily installed, long durability, reduce water pollutants.

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