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Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVDs) or ‘Wick Drains' are composed of a plastic core encased by a geotextile for the purpose of expediting the consolidation of slow draining soils. PVDs have a channeled or studded plastic core wrapped with a geotextile. The plastic core functions as a support for the filter fabric and provides longitudinal flow paths along the drain length. It also provides resistance to longitudinal stretching as well as buckling of the drain.

Vertical drains are used in the following markets:

  • Infrastructure: The drains are for example used for the construction of embankments for roads, railways, the preloading of runways and aprons for airports and infilling of port areas.

  • Dredging and land reclamation: Drains are used when reclamations are constructed on soft deposits

  • Mining: Drains are used in Tailing ponds to accelerate consolidation or to increase the leaching effect in use embankments

  • Construction: Drains are used to make green and brownfield areas suitable for construction of for example houses, warehouses, and tank farms by reducing the residual settlement of the terrain

  • Flood protection: Drains are used in the flood protection market to increase the stability of dikes and embankments during widening projects.

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