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Geomats, mulch and erosion control mattresses made from 100% coconut fiber stitched between two PP nets. It provides immediate soil erosion control, it protects seeds and helps establish vegetation growth. It creates the right microclimate for optimum growth conditions.

Geomats are three-dimensional water-permeable polymer or other synthetical materials’ structures, thermally joined with each other. They are used for fixing soil elements, grass and small plant roots also applied in geotechnics and other construction fields. Geomats are produced in the form of honeycombs or other geotextile or plastic band constructions.

Geomats or Erosion control mattresses are applied to create stable vegetation along the river, pond banks and slopes to prevent erosion processes of surfaces. Geomats in form of stereoscopic honeycomb constructions is used in combination with geotextiles to reinforce foundations and increase bearing resistance.

Application of bulky geomatics due to the reinforcement of the root system provides long-lasting and eternal erosion control of river and lake banks, slope and dikes, surfaces in flooded areas. Due to open surface and strip hardness geometry can be easily filled with soil all over its area and depth, resilient to chemical and biological impact of natural origin, UV resistant, which guarantees a long lifespan of the material.

Geomats are resistant to adverse environmental effects. Open surface encourages root germination, quick vegetation of slopes and thus guarantees erosion control. Geomats protect slopes and horizontal surfaces nevertheless the soil foundation. At the right choice of the material and observation of collecting technique rules, erosion damages can be removed even on difficult areas and steep slopes.



  • Protection from hydro erosion, violation, and landslides in road construction.

  • Reinforcement of slopes, banks, collecting gutters, subgrades.

  • landscape gardening

  • construction of platforms with natural vegetation

  • reinforcement of coastline

  • landscape architecture.

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